Resarch Ideas and Models

CAEP can help policy makers and resource managers answer questions such as these:

  • How do changes in commodity, conservation, and safety net programs affect farm income, local economies, and water quality?
  • How should crop or revenue risk management programs for specialty crops be redesigned to provide insurance benefits with minimal distortions?
  • How do water quality regulations influence the economic viability of farming and the health of wildlife?
  • What policies will help farmers prosper in a changing environment?

Some of the models that will be employed include:

  • Regional spatially-explicit land use modeling
  • Tradeoff analysis model for multi-dimensional impact assessment
  • Models to assess agriculture-wide and rural economic interactions of commodity policy change
  • Regional computable general equilibrium models
  • Multi-regional urban-core/rural-periphery input-output models
  • Risk management models
  • Crop insurance and the prism climate mapping system