Oregon State University Partners

Junjie Wu

[email protected]
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  • Optimal design of agri-environmental policy
  • Spatial modeling of land use change and its socioeconomic and environmental impacts
  • Analysis of rural-urban interdependencies and causes of spatial variations in economic development

John Antle

[email protected]
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Economics of agricultural systems and other complex systems:

  • sustainability of agricultural systems and tradeoff analysis
  • climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation
  • economic, environmental and social impacts of agricultural systems
  • economic analysis of production risk
  • economics of geologic carbon sequestration

Susan Capalbo

[email protected]
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  • Economics of climate change
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Integrated policy analysis and tradeoff assessment
  • Integrating science and economics in addressing issues of sustainable agricultural policies in both developed and developing countries

Chris Daly

[email protected]

  • Founder and director of the PRISM Group at OSU
  • developing an emerging sub-discipline called “geospatial climatology"

Mike Halbleib

[email protected]

  • Research Assistant for the PRISM Group at OSU
  • GIS Specialist

Christian Langpap

[email protected]
Faculty Page

  • Economics of endangered species conservation
  • Private enforcement of environmental regulations
  • Land use
  • Biofuel and crop choice
  • Environmental and health implications of households' choice of cooking fuels

Beau Olen
Research Assistant

[email protected]

  • Farm risk management in the US West Coast
  • Adaptation of agriculture to climate change
  • Food and agricultural policy

Jeff Reimer

[email protected]
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  • International trade
  • Commodity markets
  • International development
Bruce Weber

[email protected]
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  • Director of the Rural Studies Program and Co-director of the RUPRI Rural Poverty Research Center
  • Causes of poverty and hunger in rural areas
  • Rural policy and the economic and social conditions in rural communities.

University of California-Davis Partners

Daniel Sumner
UCD Lead

[email protected]
Faculty Page

National and International Agricultural Economics and Policy

Julian Alston

[email protected]
Faculty Page

  • Economics of Government Policy Affecting Agriculture
  • Natural Resources
  • Economic Development

Hyunok Lee

[email protected]

Research Economist

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