CAEP research on agricultural and environmental policy focuses on the design and evaluation of policies related to agricultural production, soil and water conservation, risk management, ecosystem service provision, rural-urban interdependence, and other issues.
Relevant CAEP Issue Briefs include:
  1. How Do Alternative Designs of Payments for Ecosystem Services Affect Different Interest Groups? (Wu) (PDF)
  2. What would happen if the Conservation Reserve Program were reduced? (Wu & Weber) (PDF)
  3. Could a calorie tax or cuts in farm subsidies reduce obesity? (Alston et al) (PDF)
  4. Got Subsidies? Who Benefits from Farm Programs and How that Could Change with a New Farm Bill (Antle and Houston) (PDF)
  5. What is the Role of Crop Insurance for "Specialty" Crops? (Lee and Sumner) (PDF)
  6. The 2014 Farm Bill: What Are the Major Reforms and How Do They Affect Western Agriculture? (Olen and Wu) (PDF)
  7. What Happens to Exports as Domestic Agricultural Policy Changes? (Reimer) (PDF)
  8. How does the Food Safety Modernization Act Affect Farms and Food Marketing Firms? (Bovay and Sumner) (PDF)